Depurative celery and artichoke soup

dietTo clean the intestine soup

After the holidays you’ll be surely thinking because you’ve eaten so much. As well, do not despair, there are natural resources that can help clean up the gut and clean the body. For this reason, we invite you to prepare this soup celery and artichoke.

Cleansing soups are an excellent derivative and detoxifying resource that helps you clean the intestine, especially the colon.

Nutrients and organic substances which contain both the artichoke as celery produced this sweep effect that removes toxins and waste that you’ve accumulated over the holidays.

Properties of this soup

Properties of the artichoke. Artichoke provides different types of fiber; on one hand brings mucilage that traps waste, stimulates the intestinal mucous and promotes the elimination from the body. On the other hand, this vegetable brings insulin. This vegetable brings minerals such as magnesium, which stimulates peristalsis, and potassium that helps remove excess fluid. Finally brings canine, an organic substance that stimulates hepatic detoxification.

Properties of the celery. As for the celery toppers, mostly insoluble fiber, which bare removed bowel toxins and waste from the body. In addition, it is rich in minerals that help deflate you, eliminating excess fluids. Finally, the celery provides compounds that reduces abdominal inflammation.

Now that you know the properties of the soup, we go with the recipe.Derivative soup with celery and artichokes recipe.


Half a liter of water.

Half a kilo of artichokes.

1 cup chopped celery.

½ cup chopped carrot.

1 lemon.

Salt and pepper to taste.


At first remove the stem and the outer leaves of artichokes.Cut the tips of these vegetables and added to the water which must already be boiling.Let Cook for 10 minutes and add celery and carrot.Finally add the lemon juice.Kitchen to complete the 25 minutes of cooking or until vegetables are tender.Once cooked, salt pepper to taste and set aside.

How to consume such soup cleansing

This soup is suggested to consume before lunch or lunch and dinner, as well as enter meals to increase its purifying power.Keep in mind that this soup can consume it daily and you can include it within a diet low in calories.

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