Contraindications of artichoke tea

lose weightArtichoke tea side effects

The artichoke is a vegetable widely used in different diets to lose weight, among other things contain very few calories. While his infusion or tea is allowed for weight loss, there may be situations in which their use is contraindicated and can introduce unwanted side effects. In this article I will detail what.

The artichoke or artichoke, also known under the scientific name Cynara scolymus, is a vegetable that has been used since antiquity for its digestive properties. Today, there are many of these properties which you can also help to lose weight.

Emulsify fats. Artichoke contains active ingredients that stimulate the emission of anger, natural matter which improve fat emulsion and removes them since the body, with better relieve.

Anti-poisoning. Certain organic substances of the artichoke carry toxins from the liver into the intestine to eliminate them, and promote the slimming process.

Diuretic. This plant has substances that stimulates urine production and its subsequent elimination.Now that you know how does artichoke causing weight loss, it is important to know its possible contra-indications and side effects.

While the tea or combination of artichoke tend to be quite safe, it may cause some unwanted health, effects of the plant.Allergic processes on different organs, such as digestive tract or skin.

Bloating by excessive production of gases.


Cramping abdominal.


Muscle aches.

Their use is contraindicated in:

People who have kidney stones. The artichoke is a vegetable rich in oxalates.People suffering from gallbladder lithiasis. Their consumption, in all its forms, is contraindicated for those with stones in the gallbladder, since they can support over tense gallbladder and cause inflammation, triggering cramps bile.

People who are allergic. Some of the components of the artichoke can cause allergies in people with genetic predisposition.Pregnant and breastfeeding women. This is due to that, through its infusion, its effects are more intense, therefore it is suggested not to consume or tea, or extract of artichoke.

Take addicted to explanation what are the likely side property and their possible contraindications, helps prevent unwanted complications.

Keep in mind, while the medicinal plants have many therapeutic properties, also presenting unwanted health effects, which should be taken into account before eating artichokes.

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