Contest to lose weight

lose weightChristmas is a special time. For this reason is that you arose a few weeks ago a contest to have a supper light. Lujan Maria Faiatt was the winner, since he proposed the most voted recipe and, precisely, which will represent your Christmas dinner.

And well, here it is. Don’t forget that throughout the article you will find the version in PDF format ready to print so you have this light menu in your kitchen and you don’t have to go to all the time to see the computer.

Well, the point is that everything is ready so that they can enjoy a Christmas light, unless that wants to say that they will eat in a boring way, much less. Taking into account the suggestions that left, the recipes proposed and the most voted comment in the contest, a perfect meal plan has armed for Christmas night.

In conjunction with Claudia’s ABC Dukan, which has been responsible for the spectacular recipes videos, they will have a series of dishes and tips to not regret it the next day. Initially, it must be said that family type that prevailed was that of 10 people or more at the Christmas table.

It is to our readers like many family gatherings. And that is perfect. Also spoke openly of the quantity of dishes that they would like to have at the table, which were three: a sample, a chief plate and a dessert.

The comment from the winning recipe was Maria Lujan Faiatt, who proposed an entry with tuna, a main dish with bird and also a dessert choice. And this is how it has complied strictly with its proposal. Why participate has his prize and, then, what better way to have your Christmas table menu that you proposed.

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