Contest to lose weight

lose weightAs well as already it has been proposed to you to participate in the Assembly of a routine of exercises video or a Duran diet menu, the contest that you got this month is to win a custom for the Christmas dinner menu. What is the idea? To be rich, low calorie, suitable for the entire family, which includes a proposal assembled especially for your entire family?

Your prescriptions, you propondras we will adapt them and you’ll have a video of the main dish. What are you waiting for lavished?

Parties come and, without a doubt, this is the moment where many end exceeding more than necessary and throwing overboard the effort that brought the diet. Not anybody likes to enjoy the parties. For this reason, do not be afraid to lose weight will make everything much more bearable for you on Christmas night.

Is that through this contest, can participate to develop a light menu and festive, rich and for the whole family, with all the details as to anyone is disagreement or complete deploring the excesses the next day.

What you will gain in this contest

Neither more nor less than the menu to prepare at the Christmas Eve dinner. It will be composed of the number of dishes chosen by users to lose weight. You have the recipe for each of them, with details of preparation of each, including ingredients, number of servings, calories and everything you need to know it. All adapted to the amount of people who have left as winning family-type contest.

Also are you provided some additional tips to make you spend the holidays enjoying, but without excess. It is that you can always and you will see that in this menu you’re going to check.

In addition, as in this contest you choose what will be the winning main course of the comments, this is not here. As a cherry on the cake, ABC Dukan Claudia is responsible for preparing neither more nor less than the corresponding to the main dish recipe video. Thus, not only you will have everything you need to know the recipes, but it you can even see how to prepare the main dish in a way in a video light. That is not any kind of doubts, isn’t it?

What you should do to participate

First, you will have to leave in the polls below the number of dishes you want in your table and also the number of guests that will be that night. For what? So the menu is personalized, adapted to your taste and the amount of people that you’ll have to receive on Christmas Eve.

Subsequently, in the comments, you have to leave a suggestion of recipe you want to form part of this phase of the diet. Do you like chicken? Propose something with him. Do you like beef? Then to be with her. Do you like fish? Do not forget to suggest it in the comments.The recipe proposed by the comment most voted by users, will be included in the winning menu.

Looking for supporters to your plate and vote that you like from others. Just a dish can be chosen and we will choose one that is most interesting to everyone. If you are looking for supporters who vote your plate, you ensure that the main dish will be the light version and healthy that you want to. If you don’t still win, but have voted than like you others, you will have many chances that you like the menu.

This contest will be launched between November 25 and December 3. The winning menu and the video will be published on December 16, as so you have time to participate and also to gather everything you need so that you don’t miss anything on your holiday table.

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