Combinations of herbs for weight loss

lose weightCombinations of plants for weight loss

Combine some herbs to lose weight might be an excellent idea. Why? Because of these effects can enhance each other and thus give you an important help to take off those extra pounds. Don’t know some of the combinations that are proposed in this note.

Ever tried any combination of herbs to lose weight? These may have an interesting effect if they are well focused and if you have ingredients that go well together. Obviously, not be a miracle, since if you don’t diet and exercise, very difficult will be to lose weight. But, surely, you can help in this or that circumstance.

These are some good combinations of herbs for weight loss:

 Bay leaves and cinnamon tea: This is one of the most common combinations used to lose weight. In fact, this tea is based on a diet. They are two herbs or spices that help a lot to the digestive system, at the same time being diuretic and depurative.

A combination that will come of wonders to put to work the liver in a good way. You will activate your metabolism and will help it, take care of it and also give him a good digestive quality to all your gastric system. Ideal for those who have heavy digestions.

 An alternative for those who want to eliminate retained liquids: If you have problems of water retention, something that makes you have more weight and you feel rather more swollen, nothing better than to resort to a recipe that has good diuretic properties. This is the case of this remedy, which has green tea, corn beard and other herbs that may help you to take off that which makes you feel so heavy.

 Anti-anxiety herbs will also help you: If your problem is that you suffer from much anxiety for the meal, nothing better than apply some natural anxiolytics which do not cause too much trouble between them and that will help you control these cravings irrepressible of plunder the fridge. In this case, the combination is passion flower, orange blossom and lemon balm or Melissa. It’s perfect for when seize you those attacks that endanger your diet and also has an excellent flavor, with that distinctive perfume of orange blossom flower.

Cause a problem combining some herbs to lose weight

Many times, the best way to take advantage of some plants is making its exclusive and individual use. Is that it is really complicated to determine the interactions which could be among them, for good or bad. For this reason, the ideal is not performing this kind of herbal combinations if you don’t know what you are mixing.

In addition, there is a rigged danger: many of these plants, for example, have a strong diuretic action. Combine them and consume them, can cause loss of potassium and sodium, among other minerals, in the Agency. In other cases it is does not even know how can react side by side.

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