Cabbage soup diet

lose weightCabbage soup diet

This diet is to lose weight in a week, remember not to exceed you over these seven days. It is also convenient to take plenty of fluids and not sweetened drinks with sugar.

The basis of this diet is to prepare a soup with cabbage, six large onions, two green peppers, and a kilo of pulp of tomato, celery and water. Consume this soup all you want, in addition to following the diet below.

Day 1:

Any fruit except bananas and cabbage soup.

 Day 2:

Cabbage broth and vegetables, with a potato in the oven for dinner.

 Day 3:

Soup of cabbage, fruits and vegetables.

 Day 4:

Soup of cabbage, up to 6 bananas and skim milk.

 Day 5:

Cabbage, six tomatoes and beef, chicken or fish soup.

 Day 6:

Cabbage, vegetable and beef, chicken or fish soup.

 Day 7:

Soup of cabbage, brown rice, vegetables and unsweetened fruit juice.

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