Basic exercises to keep fit

exerciesGood focus on abdominal while exercising form an essential part of a good workout but you will be using the dorsal muscles & poses.

Tense your abdominal drawing your belly button towards your spine and then lift your head and shoulders slowly and bend your back while you flex more.

Try to stay at least one second in the upper position.Do not go down the Chin, since this could lead to an injury in the upper part of the back.

Exercise side

Lying on the floor of side with straight legs.It uses the forearm that is rested on the floor to raise you laterally until hip has lifted from the ground and the body is in a straight line.

Tense your abdominal attracting your navel to your spine and tries to remain at least one second in the upper position.


The more lay your hands, use more pushups. Keep your back straight while you attract the belly button toward the spine.

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