Balanced low fat diet.

diet tipsIncrease your physical activity. Move and avoid sedentary lifestyle.Your doctor will discard their excess weight to be secondary to a medical problem requiring treatment.They offer psychological support, and only when they need any medicine.

Verdure Obsidian:

Tips for good nutrition

Choose low-fat foods.Decrease in consumption of sugar.Divide your power in 5 meals a day: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner.No alternate periods of fasting with large meals.

Do not eat between meals.Eat sitting down, slowly, and chew foods very well. Give small snacks, with small amounts.Snack and snack leave the cutlery on the table.Eat in a concrete place; do not eat walking, in makeshift places or step.While you eat not to read or watch TV.Reduce the spending of red beef and increase of fish.

Eat vegetables in abundance.

Take 2 to 3 pieces of fruit a day. Avoid those with abundant sugar content: banana, grapes, figs, cherries, loquacity, chinchillas.Drink plenty of water, stuck between 1.5 and 2 liters a day.Avoid or bound the use of foods that are fried or cooked with excessive fat.

Hide foods rich in calories.

You have healthy snacks on hand: vegetables, low-fat dairy and fruit.

Tips to make your purchase

Buy without feeling hungry.

The list previously made.

Frequently going to the store.

Avoid prepared or pre-cooked dishes.

Tips for setting the table

Remove all visible fat from meat or skin from the chicken before cooking.

Use ways of cooking simple, not requiring too much oil: griddle, grill, oven, microwave.

The steaming with the pressure cooker enables cooking with little water and preserved all the properties of the food.

For cooking meat and fish wrap in foil , so are cooked in its own juices, keeping tender and tasty, without adding fat.

When you make stew, prepare them in advance. Allow to cool in the fridge and remove the layer of fat with a spoon or spatula. In this way it retains the flavor without hardly fat.

When prepare vinaigrette, reverse the usual three parts oil ratio by one part vinegar to three parts of vinegar by one of oil. So that the taste is not so acid use vinegar tastes.

If you need to use some sauce to add to a salad you can use nonfat yogurt, reduced with lemon juice. Beaten well and gets a cream soft and low in calories. You can also try with soy sauce. Adding some spice or herb want you.

To prepare milk or cheese sauces use skimmed milk or Parmesan cheese, which contains fewer calories and is more aromatic. Milk skimmed and in the preparation of the chameleon sauce use olive oil or margarine low in calories.In the making of some of the dishes that require mayonnaise, select those that are low in calories.

Do not buy commercial sauces because they often contain hidden fat.

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