When obesity becomes an obsession

Slim obesityMany people in their desperation to lose the extra weight you have installed on your figure, even resort to extreme methods to achieve their goal.

The prototype of the perfect figure either male or female is something that advertising and media sold to all persons,

Lots of false promises about miracle diets, apparatus for reducing massage, natural herbs, algae, and a number of products that promise to reduce body weight and achieve a spectacular figure, arrive daily to many people.

Is installed in society to be fit is to be healthy and this trend catches many people.

Obesity can often occur as a genetic problem or a thyroid disorder, but most cases is the answer to poor eating habits and lack of physical activity.

Being overweight brings many harmful health consequences and psychological level as those who suffer from this disease are considered people with weak willed, selfless and neglected by him. This type of environment affects attitudes to obese, but the motivator to lose weight should be feeling comfortable with one’s body.

This will bring about the need for a balanced diet and start exercising. Therefore, obese people should first learn to love and also to have the right to demand to be respected care.

Currently, the search for a perfect appearance to be accepted socially and occupationally, makes many people pay a high price for this goal.

People who undergo treatments that are torture can lose weight, but as modified eating habits, or control his obsession, again regaining weight, starting up and lose weight steadily, often gaping damage to vital organs such as thyroid, liver, kidneys and / or heart.

Bad habits coupled with anxiety and low self-esteem can lead many people to suffer disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating and to suffer that is the obsession with having a muscular body.

It is therefore important to learn to eat well through proper nutrition, physical activity remains essential, in addition to providing energy helps burn calories more easily, establishments criteria to avoid the large amount of advertising on body image becomes a perfect target to achieve regardless of the consequences.

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