Weight Loss Tips

exerciesMaybe you’ve gained something more than necessary during the winter, or after a change of life, or after passing a difficult time in your life. Result: you do not feel good in your body, and lose 2-3 kilos I could really use.

You can manage to lose some kilos if you follow two recommendations : change your eating habits and increase your physical activity If you practice any physical exercise is not just to do some kind of sport, but daily walking or doing a few swimming. all week.

But beware, if you have to lose five kilos or more, then I better go to the doctor to put you a suitable regime.

To lose weight you need to rely on several key principles:

1. take a minimum of one month to lose 2 to 3 kilos,

2. Prevent deficiency in vitamins and reserves,

3. not use drugs or special foods for the regime,

4. maintain a certain pleasure in eating,

5. fixed rules and respect them.

To change your power, you need to reduce calorie intake,fats and simple sugars. It is mandated that good eating habits.

6. Do not skip meals, especially breakfast to be rich, then it should make a food more light at night.

7. Not eat between meals. If you’re hungry among meals, drink a large glass of water, coffee, before tea lacking honey. Also drink before meals and in the middle of the meal.

8. Eat starches at every meal: pasta, rice, potato, or pan.Estos alimentossacian and provide enough energy that you have need, like the fibers. However, all that accompanies it should be limited: salsa with fat, butter, cheese, fresh cream, etc.. So you need to eat starches, alone or accompanied by products without sugar or fat.

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