To lose weight, say farewell to diets

dietsAs we mention, the main thing is to forget about diets and assimilate habits for life. The key to the whole thing is in three words: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. A proper balance between these three basics will be definitive in keeping your body in line.

On fats you should know that, while essential, is not a good idea a constant presence at meals, so try to reduce their numbers.

About hydrates, are those elements that provide energy to our body. But careful, too much carbohydrate undeleted ago they turn into fat, so try to eat them in perspective.

Proteins in turn, will be the star item. It contains fatty basics and helps repair tissues.

Thus, once we know the function over each constituent conclude food habits in which the presence of protein is first; hydrates second, and third fat.

Thus in the Anglo world routine is as follows: a strong breakfast to start the day, a medium amount of food and a very light dinner.

Well, that is exactly the scheme must take to eating a balanced diet.

A hearty breakfast where we include a superior amount of carbohydrates, such as bread, honey or oatmeal, a small presence of fats, a spoonful of jam and some protein, but not necessarily.

In the food will begin to reverse the basics. Fats disappear to make way for the protein first, and some carbohydrates. Chicken breasts, beef steaks, fish can be some of the options.

As for carbohydrates, the will reduce to a handful of rice or beans. Always in limited amounts.

Finally, at nightfall, the almost exclusive attendance of proteins is necessary. A grilled fish fillet or turkey may be the most affordable option.

Keep in mind that the day is over and go to sleep, energy spending is minimal, so you need to avoid lying swollen.

Breakfast is exactly to start the day strong and have sufficient energy reserves to endure.

Always remember that mixture, and soon you will see how the scale again it should never go.


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