Tips for slim buttocks and abs

ButtocksThe buttocks are one of the parts of the male body in which more women are set, and boast more like men. This body part is usually a preferred place for the accumulation of fat and water, creating some aesthetic and nothing attractive. Toning these different muscles will help you have perfect butt.

Is the muscle that is located more in depth. When toned, it gives a more rounded leg prevents appearance and eventually melts away and loosening.

It is a muscle that takes the form of a fan. Short, thick, and has an important part in the form and toning the buttocks.

It is the largest muscle and is normally known as the back. Thanks to this muscle, buttocks have that domed appearance.

Bodybuilding and buttocks

Certainly, you should find time to do exercises to tone your abs and buttocks, and this is not always easy. This is the reason that certain gestures in our daily activities can help us build muscle buttocks, here are some examples.

Daily Sport

Meter belly and buttocks tighten up the stairs on tiptoe. When you teeth up and down by bending your legs.

Keep your heels flat on the floor. Collapse buttocks when you walk while you cook, or going to work in the office. Thus slowly and buttocks are gaining in tone.

Some exercises

On the ground, Rely on the elbows. Inspiring, Stretch your legs back. Resume the starting position and start again. You can do 3 sets of 25 movements to start.

Another exercise is to lie on your left side. Place the head on arm, legs stretched form a right angle. Raise your right leg up, inspiring, and lower expiring. Repeat this with your other leg. Practicing three sets of 20 movements to start.

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