Three vital to keep in shape

Body shapeEvery day, new creations that help us stay fit, count calories, plan an exercise routine or simply give us that support for starting a physical activity.

On this occasion, I approached three new gadgets that have function related to physical exercise and sport

A gadget that helps those who wish to lose weight. With it you can plan an entire weight loss program. You only need to estimate the suitable number of calories your body needs to lose weight or stay fit.

As metabolism is different in each person, taking into account muscle mass and other parameters, it is often difficult to know for sure how many calories you consume and use a formula to do it.

With Gem, a small device that can calculate the rate at which the body burns calories and this information will be easier to plan a diet to either lose weight or stay at a normal weight.

Attractive look and manufacturers claim provides a complete workout in only four minutes a day, equivalent to perform 45 minutes of weight training for muscle toning, or 20 minutes of stretching exercises for flexibility. The company offer a video on its website for those who want to know how it works.

Finally, a gadget for golfers called a small computer that is worn around the wrist and was designed to improve the regularity of the movements.

This device monitors your time, pace, duration and rise up to the speed of the golf club head with each stroke, providing in sequence instantly, allowing the golfer who uses it and repeat the movements feel you have already done. And it works like a traditional clock that has alarm functions and built stopwatch.

This gadget is accessible at Amazon Watch PC is an excellent ally of specialized and amateur golf.

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