Thermos therapy for weight loss

Weight loss  therapyThe thermos heat, and cure, Greek therm therapy using cold and heat to soothe aches and strains of every day. Behind the term thermos therapy , a practice that will be familiar hides, and home remedies remember Grandma.

In the Scandinavian countries, and in Amerindian latitudes, the alternation of heat and cold and was used for many centuries as an effective remedy to cure bodily diseases.

As today call spa, born in Scandinavia, body and spirit of the Nordic men undergo a virtuous circle with alternating heat and cold break. Heat causes the activation of metabolism and blood circulation . Heat shock with cold, relaxes muscles, is involved in the elimination of toxins, improves sleep quality, strengthens the immune system, etc..

In South America, the hot stone massage has similar virtues provides welfare, relaxes, removes fatigue, improves blood circulation. The hot stones are used in alternation with sea stones and cold marble. Stimulation and general welfare are guaranteed.

No need to go to a spa, sauna . Anyone can try thermos therapy. Simply take a hot bath to loosen muscles, apply a heating pad or hot water bottle on tight muscles, or apply an ice pack to reduce pain or sprain. That’s thermos therapy.

While these care not imply any danger, it’s good to know some rules to respect fully enjoy its benefits. Never apply ice or heat directly on the skin. Involved ice or a heating pad clean cloth and massage in circles.

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