The turn around diet

diet tipsEvery day new diets appear creating different options to lose weight using different techniques. Today will see the beginning diet reverse which reportedly has given excellent results to several famous artists and the show that followed.

It is a diet consisting eliminate over a period of 72 hours 100% carbohydrate feeding during this time and only eat vegetables and protein.

The Reverse Diet The basis of this diet is that our body is a smart machine that can calculate how many calories you need to consume daily according to the activity they develop, bearing in mind that the body uses the calories from our daily diet.

In principle, the body takes the easiest calories, or those that we eat during the day and well meet your needs, taking into account that proteins also become calories within 24 hours while carbohydrates only take to do a 4 hours and therefore first the body consumes carbohydrates such as flour, pasta or rice.

Those extra calories, if not consumed, the body stores them as fat or calories either reserve that will be harder to burn or consume.

But if the daily activity developed needs more calories ingested in the day the body then draw on reserves.

Given all this and the fact that the human body takes 72 hours to change their consumption pattern and thus reverse diet for 3 days suggests that carbohydrates are removed, and the body will use calories reserves housed in as fat and your body will become a stored fat burner.

Reverse diet then functions as follows:

For 72 hours we will delete   rice, pasta, sugar, alcohol, bread, potatoes and the like.

It can only be consumed during that time meat in all its forms whether grilled, steamed, boiled or grilled.

For breakfast tea without sugar, ham, cheese but without the addition of any kind of bread drink.

Lunch and dinner consist of lean meat or fish accompanied by varied, raw or steamed vegetables.

After 72 hours elapsed since the body will be scheduled and when I will not use the missing calories from the daily diet but the booking ie fat deposits.

The creators of this diet the diet suggest that these 72 hours elapsed the first fifteen days only add 15% of the carbohydrates consumed before.

From day to day sixteen and thirty increase to 35% carbohydrates and finally in the third stage of the thirty-first day onwards increase to 50% from carbohydrates normally consumed.

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