The original fitness activity

fitnessThis European boxing champion is also a fitness specialist. The mixture between the basic principles of these two disciplines has allowed Brice Farad tune the Jump Fit.

A playful and effective, this activity alternating jumps rope with choreographic gestures used in fitness. For best results, these combined exercises are practiced with a very special background music.

The rhythm of the music varies depending on the fitness level of the athlete, and fitness exercises practiced. The Jump Fit is effective because it burns energy, unlocks the adipose tissue, leading to a rapid weight loss.

When practiced regularly, it gets narrow silhouette while toning the body. In addition to muscle strengthening, this activity helps to develop physical and psychological endurance athlete.

Jump Fit training is like a boxing match. Session comprises 8 rounds lasting three minutes each. At each round, the participant must perform jumping jacks, following the directives of expert trainer.

The three-minute breaks continue with a minute of choreographed movements. These are based on gestures made during a boxing match in the ring. A coach’s whistle marks the signal to resume jumping jacks. The choreographic gestures allow the body to recover to get the benefits of a new session of jumps.

Everyone can practice Jump Fit. In any case, the degree of difficulty of the training and exercise vary depending on the fitness level of each participant. For beginners, the session is based on learning the correct body position, the use of jump rope, and grassroots movements inspired by boxing .

After this initialization phase, you can continue the same level of training than those with a higher level or intermediate. For that, the session is geared toward mastery of the intensity of effort. Finally, for experts, the session takes a maximum intensity, allowing a noticeable improvement in yields.

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