The duration is very important for weight loss

weight lossLosing weight is one of the objectives of many to return from the vacation. The excesses we commit during the summer, both in relation to food as a sedentary lifestyle, can be made that we should take very seriously a change in routine in September. The gym or jogging are always good options, the most popular, but a group of scientists has uncovered evidence that could make that we only us these ideas.

As it picks up the newspaper Daily Mail an additional minute of rapid activity every day can help burn extra weight.

A report by scientists from the University of Utah concluded that more than a few short flurries of effort have the similar effect that exercise for a longer time. This means that taking the stairs instead of using the elevator or Park further away from our destination to walk for a little minutes may help us in our fight against the extra kilos.

This research, carried out with the collaboration of 4,500 adults, suggests that each minute of exercise counts. In addition to prevent weight gain the strength of the activity is more important than the period, says Jessie Fan, principal researcher.


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