The dissociated diet

dietThe decoupled scheme ensures health and weight loss. It is a very effective technique to lose weight, since not hungry.

Regrouping several different methods, decoupled naming scheme means the separation of food. you can eat everything, but at the same time.

The Antoine, Shelton and Montignac methods are the best known, but also many detractors. The exoticism of the methods is therefore not a guarantee of success, since the issue is mainly based on the willpower of the people, and their long term loyalty.

The Montignac diet is the best known and appreciated by the active and urban people, who do not want to sacrifice eating well: only the slow carbohydrates are allowed. Therefore, certain associations are prohibited as of lipids with carbohydrates, cheese and bread, sauces and potatoes. The pleasures of the table are not prohibited, but regulated. Regime should be followed long term to be effective.

The Shelton scheme is more complex, since it is based on a scientific classification of foods. Combinations are prohibited as acids and starch, fats and proteins, etc. However, this scheme may cause certain deficiencies.

The Antoine regime, held one week each month, puts its emphasis on saturation, and each day should be devoted to one type of food: meat one day, another fish, another fruit . This method is considered physiologically and physically tired. In any case, it is necessary to seek advice from a nutritionist or dietitian.

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