The diet anti cellulite

DietsAppropriate diet and body treatment could reduce and even eliminate cellulite that bothers us so much. While the cause of the exterior of cellulite is genetic, a healthy diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates may help control this issue.

There are three types of cellulite, one of them is the hard cellulite, which occurs in young women in the buttocks and thighs. According to experts this type of cellulite has a simpler treatment.

Soft cellulite is a cellulite that usually affects women aged 35 years or obesity problems. This problem is more difficult to fight and originate primarily in buttocks, legs and also in the abdomen, back and arms.

Another type of cellulite is the nematodes called, which although less frequently more serious than the rest because it can cause pain. Symptoms are summarized in orange peel and swelling due to fluid retention. This type of cellulite can be solved with a diet that provides the right number of proteins and collagen levels rise, which would lead to reduced levels of collagen and sagging.

Also, doctors recommend eating a greater quantity of water for the kidneys to act more quickly thereby removing excess fluid. Of course, with a body treatment to combat cellulite and sagging expedite the process. Chemotherapy can be mention, radiotherapy, cavitation, among others.

So if you’re a woman and cellulite settled in your life, do not lose hope because there are diets and treatments to help you fight to even eliminate this annoying and sometimes awkward problem.

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