The bad extra body fat

fatObesity is one of the major problems of a society that increasingly worse and having eating attitudes and sporting life that touch the lack, it is clear that not everyone takes and live under poor diet routines and healthy living in general and the fact that you demonstrated in this blog in part, but if it’s true that levels of childhood obesity are steadily increasing worldwide, and is a challenge in advanced societies.

how to fight bad fat Therefore, it is still good news that scientists have succeeded in discovering the hormone with the ability to burn those bad fats that accumulate in the body that are not at all healthy. It is certainly a great find because it can start fighting the bad fats with good fats in the body.

They have been investigators Medical Sanford-Burnham Institute who has discovered this hormone called orexin and having the ability to burn the bad fat, activating called brown fat, it’s that in the background just for burning and neutralize to the bad fat is not good for our bodies.

Changes that may suffer with this discovery approaches for treating obesity are many, and we could be facing new therapeutic treatments of obesity, much less harmful than the current, and therefore, improve quality and long life people who are obese and do not know how to fight.

Furthermore, the discovery could also shed light on why some people are overweight but eat in small quantities and have a healthy life in general.

The challenge for the future will find how you can use this hormone, and thus, get the bad fat becomes good, and can fight a more effective obesity. Meanwhile, I continue to be really effective healthy living and a healthy dose of sport to keep fit and away from many diseases.

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