Surgery new technique for slim obesity

dietThe issue of obesity and overweight is a concern to many. Try to keep in shape will be reflected in both health and appearance, as aesthetically also brings problems for those who suffer from this disease.

However, despite undergoing various treatments, diet and exercise for many people the only alternative to solve your problem is to use treatments such as surgery.

Therefore, the emergence of new techniques offer new perspectives to these people eager to find a definitive solution.

According to research and studies for years has shown that obesity is a serious problem that affects both the health and quality of life of sufferers. In addition, overweight now affects more than 50% of Spanish adults and obesity s 15% population over 18 years.

Therefore and considering viable alternatives must be sought to control this phenomenon, new less invasive than conventional surgery and endoluminal techniques in addition to improvements in other surgeries like gastric balloon, allow the opening of a new horizon for those suffering from this disease.

Endoluminal surgery obesity new technique allows to reduce the stomach through the use of a surgical technique performed endoscopic ally without making incisions and without scarring remains a significant advantage for the patients.

At present, the medical team of Obesity Therapies for the first time in Spain has made reductions stomach endoscopically without any incision.

Also, in the first four interventions patients were given medical discharge twelve hours after operation without any complication present.

Takes made in Europe and the United States about seventy-four interventions using this technique with excellent results, reducing up to 32% excess weight of the patient during the first six months after the procedure.

This surgical treatment called POSE (Primary Endoluminal Surgery of Obesity), is effective in reducing the stomach capacity by mouth, thanks to the latest generation technical tools that allow it without opening any path.

In Spain, the medical team of therapies for obesity is a pioneer in this type of intervention and highly rewarding results as having performed since March 2011 and 22 interventions in the four months after the operation the patients had reduced an average of 49 , 77% of excess weight.

The primary objective of this team is to establish a combat chronic disease type is now one of the biggest problems in health and wellness.

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