Stop the formless meals for weight control

control foodLife accelerate, and meals-coffee and full breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, or a piece of pizza in the evening watching TV. Ultimately the power is fairly unstructured, however, respect the rhythms of food is the first rule to be followed to maintain a power balance and better weight control.

You should not skip meals, and to eat at a fixed time, taking time. These are the basic keys to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Taking time for digestion

Eating food does not mean only swallow. Chewing mouth represents the first step in digestion . In the mouth food meal milled, are impregnated with saliva and fibers break for dental work: the stomach works after an easier way.

man preparing a salad It is also good to take enough time to allow the body to detect the characteristics of each food. With the sight, smell and taste of food, the brain sends nerve messages to the stomach to secrete digestive enzymes necessary for destruction food.

Therefore it is very important to take enough time to eat, since it is the best way to ensure good digestion, preventing swelling, stomach pains and heartburn.

The taste of food

Good meal produces a pleasant feeling of satiety, ie a state of non-hungry. But to achieve this, you should not eat in a hurry, glutenous food, leaving unsatisfied feeling after eating. Indeed, the body needs time to cause satiety. The first signs appear 20 minutes after you start eating. The brain detects the increase in the rate of blood sugar and then releases satiety.

Realize how much food and calories you can eat in 20 minutes without experiencing any signs of satiety. Thus, to effectively control body weight, simply re-learn to eat slowly and savor each dish.

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