Standard breakfast to lose weight

lose weightThe summer is very close, we will give you some guidelines so you can lose those kilos you have more and you can not get rid.

If you want your exercise routine to take effect, then you must take care of your diet and lots. You should begin to do to take care of your breakfast which is one of the most important meals of the day.

Is that breakfast will be the key to food other meals too.

A poorly balanced breakfast that will drag the hungry during the day, which will lead to snacking foods not allowed.

Also note that a standard breakfast does not mean eat everything, but we must be clear what are the best foods that provide a good dose of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.

To accompany our breakfast we have variety of options, including orange juice, milk, coffee or tea.

If you choose an orange juice should be freshly squeezed without any sugar, a great enemy of our breakfast.

If you lean milk, it must be skimmed or soy, an option with very low fat content.

If caffeine is part of your life, you should replace coffee with green tea, as the latter has properties to burn fat.

To add carbohydrates to your diet you can use whole grains that have a low fat content and a satiating power. If you do not like much cereals, wheat toast without butter are a good proposal.

The contribution of proteins is achieved by skimmed milk, yogurt, cottage cheese (low fat) and muesli or oats.

Take pen and paper and keep an eye on these tips that will help you to reach your desired blink of an eye weight.

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