Slimming qualities of fruits and vegetables

Slimming We know that these natural foods are excellent rewarding for its high fiber content. Fibers are inflated in the stomach, and the feeling of richness is fast. This limits the amount of food inspired over a day. The fruits and vegetables also contain seduce because very few calories.

We can eat our fill, without perturbing of the available energy. On the other hand, contain all kinds of vitamins. This is necessary to losing weight while staying active and in good humor, and do not have a general feeling of weariness.

Specialists have discovered other diets for weight loss under certain fruits and vegetables: some contain molecules that help burn fat.

Molecules burns fat fruit and vegetables

Many plants, among which are the fruits and vegetables, containing osmotic, a very human-like substance disinfection. This molecule is produced by adipose tissue and promotes the oxidation of fat reserves through the liver and muscles. Many fruits and vegetables also contain, a variety of flavorless.

The increases energy spending cells. In other words, this compound accelerates the removal of calories. Surely you have heard of restorative. It is an ingredient in many supplements food. It is also found in large quantities in grapes.

It has been discovered that restorative optimizes basic metabolism. This means that this compound increases consume energy while resting. We also know that weight gain is made, inter alia, by the consumption of dietary fats.

The polyphenol compound Lighthouse fruits and vegetables, combat fat absorption. Polyphenols, known for its antioxidant properties, acts in the intestine to drive fat into the fecal bolus.

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