Slimming method

lose weightThere are many methods to lose weight. Interest of proteins is their low calorific value .In food, it is often difficult to find pure proteins, since they are associated with fat. Therefore, it is possible to intelligently associate a certain amount of protein pure and good quality to our food, if we want to lose weight.

Essentially composed Lactoserum protein, Whey Pro is ideal to replace a plate of food proteins. Their high degree of amino acids and vitamins is the best protein to control hunger, and therefore weight.

1.16 amino acids, including 8 essential.

2.Vitamins: A, E, C, H

3.Mineral salts.In 100 g of powder there:

4.73.5 g of protein,

5.10.50 g of carbohydrates

6.7.40 g of lipids.

These protein powders have the advantage of being able to be added to other foods and recipes. Helps lose weight since they require more energy to be metabolized. Prevent the loss of muscle tissue during the procedure.

Indeed, if the body does not get enough protein, it will use the muscles. However, when making a system for weight loss, weight loss is done with respect to the storage of excess fat, but also with respect to a certain amount from the muscles.

Proteins reduce hunger, slowing the absorption of glucose in blood, and reducing insulin levels. They have a greater satiating effect than fats or sugars.

Support the immune system, favoring the formation of antioxidants, and this is important for smokers, or in case of illness.

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