Skating a healthy exercise

exerciesIn the past it looked like a fun reserved for children and adolescents, but skating today represents a large number of benefits for people of any age who decide to start practicing.

This is a fun and enjoyable way to stay online, burning calories, in addition to activating blood circulation and improve endurance helping to improve balance.

Some studies support these sayings including one made in the nineties by the University of Wisconsin in the United States, where it was found that skating the excellent results at the physical level that can offer skating, better even than the practice run or bicycle, regarding burning calories.

Furthermore, in the study it was observed that muscle strength improved and strengthened lungs and heart.

This research could also be concluded that the skates within 30 minutes doing moderate speed but stable, the body can burn an average of 285 calories and if the same is done for the same period but with intervals of 1 minute fast pace and one with a moderate pace, calories soar to 450.

Comparing these results with the practice of cycling or running, in the same amount of time, ie half an hour, about 350 calories burned. These figures show us that skating is great exercise.

Other tests surprised by its results. For example, some aerobic tests done to measure the heart and lungs established that the exercise by skating is better aerobic exercise than cycling, although not as effective as running, a situation that can be reversed if when skating is practiced shifting becomes more intense or difficult.

Also brings anaerobic benefits, as this study demonstrated that the most effective and beneficial to develop hips, thighs and legs and even a good workout is achieved in the upper extremities and shoulders.

Moreover, skating is more effective than a diet to lose weight because the diet only the amount of stored fat is decreased, however with practice skating both body fat and muscle tissue decreases by up to 40% of weight is lost.

Skating is an excellent full physical activity to give definition to your legs, tighten and develop the muscles of the calves and buttocks lift.

For those who want to start practicing this very beneficial exercise should consider certain precautions to be able to move confidently and safely, as the fact of using special helmet, knee and elbow pads, essential to be free from joint injuries accessories.

And finally, you should keep in mind that at the beginning you may ensue within minutes fatigue, which makes sense when a new sport is done, but with practice, this may be overcome and extensive travels smoothly.

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