Red tea-Slimming supplement

Slimming supplementOne of the most virtues that entails red tea, is to burn fat, helping you lose weight.

Logically, this effect fails to run as much as we would want if we apply to our routine diet proper diet accompany by physical activity. Then, red tea ranks of a addition, in a varied, healthy diet low calorie diet.

By following these tips, in just one week you will achieve lose several kilo s. No doubt it is an effective diet to lose weight, because of the cleansing and detoxifying action of red tea.

You can assemble the different menus of the week to taste, keeping in mind the following you can eat rice, fish, fruits except bananas and grapes, vegetables, pasta, eggs and bread, and you should not eat red meat, sugar, dairy and fats.

As for the number and times when you eat red tea in the diet, it is recommended to do four times a day. For this, you can distribute it in four cups to complement your breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

If you’re comfortable with tea and want to also take in food intake between meals, not be amiss, but will accelerate results by consuming too much.

It is important that you consider that you can only do this diet if you suffer from any digestive anomaly. For developing it, consult your doctor, so that guide you in putting together a diet for you.

Moreover, the diet is not optional for children or pregnant women, nor for people who suffer heart rhythm turbulence. But if instead you enjoy good general health, go ahead. Feel free to change your routine, incorporating red tea to help you lose those extra weight.

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