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exerciesFitness and abdominal

If you are a fan of the abs, Abdo Gain is ideal for you. It is a kind of bent pad with four pedals. The purpose of the exercise is to maintain certain positions, while the pad is immobilized. This calls for the participation of the muscles, specifically the abdominals and legs.

Being curved pad, it is difficult to keep right: so much power and burns calories . The trick is ergonomics: you can find the ideal position, but not to hurt back. Please practice one minute each morning, in sequences of 10 seconds.

Fitness and joints

The Balance Board Energetics, draws on wooden plate equilibrium therapists, and is a good device to maintain proper bearing and gain muscle mass. This is a round plate, below which is a tacky rubber hemisphere. The purpose of the exercise is to stay right on the platform and in balance.

The plate is moving in all instructions, and to keep his balance, the body does involving the muscles of the legs, back and abs. This exercise helps improve the joints. Practicing regularly, is you can define the silhouette well. It is a way to do sports without realizing it.

Fitness to tone

For those who intend to stay fit, healthy and tonificándose, there is nothing better than Tonifit. Cushion is a shaped cylinder and is ready by a spring with handles on each side. The purpose of the exercise is to make work the upper body, toning the biceps, triceps and pectorals.

In sitting position, with your back straight, stretch cuffs, as high as you can. To work the glutes, you can put one foot on top. Movements is easier to perform, and the comfortable cushion invites recreation. You can do exercises while watching TV. In addition, the pad folds easily and can be carried anywhere.

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