Losing weight lacking losing muscle mass

lose weightNo doubt that diets for weight lossexist, but we should not believe in those miracles that make us lose several pounds in a short time because it can harm our health.The objective in reducing the extra fat is to maintain muscle mass and tone and shape the body must also healthy and effective way.

When we decided to start a diet we must be prepared psychologically because it is important to be clear what our goal and propose to change food and physical exercise has daily.

With respect to our dietary intake recommended 5 to 6 meals per day, and that increasing the consumption of foods we will eat all the necessary nutrients and control appetite also to have high energy levels remain activated metabolism .

You need to avoid foods that do not need fat and produce such as sugar, sugary drinks, and derivatives.

These foods with high fat content should be replaced with raw vegetables that provide fiber, minerals and vitamins. The vegetables have a lower hypoglycemic index than refined foods and this implies that they do not become fat.

This fiber containing vegetables partly prevent the absorption of raga g, cholesterol and also clean the intestine, which is very good to combine vegetables with protein foods like chicken, turkey and lean meats.

The main advice given by nutritionists on this diet are eating every 3 or 4 hours, include foods containing carbohydrates and protein, reduce high hypoglycemic index foods, taking supplements of B complex every day, and also taking a multivitamin to have covered those nutrients that we ingest in our diet.

But all is not suppression of food is also good to take a break once a week, if not overdo it, and make a meal that animosity eat, this will remove the anxiety of eating other foods forbidden and help remove stress facilitating change power for long.

But undoubtedly it comes to losing weight and we take care of our muscle mass exercises to keep the silhouette. Physical activity will depend on the duration and the availability of substrates, we perform several exercises that take the fat as fuel.

Here are the main keys to a healthy and slim body, but it is noteworthy that a healthy diet and proper exercise of the body v an to depend on the willingness to put time and shape our slimming silhouette.

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