Lose weight with food substitutes

Lose weightFood substitutes were planned at first, to help those hospitalized with illness that prevented damaging appetite or amalgamation of solid food.

The food industry discovered that could be used to manage the caloric intake in case of load weight and obesity, in order to lose weight an standard of 500 grams to 1 kilo per week, and provide a food supply whose precise number of calories out and constant.

This type of system is very suitable, especially when it is very active. Studies conducted in recent years have shown an increase in the number of people using food substitutes diet.

For people who do not like to keep a thorough check on your weight, implying medication intake, these substitutes are the ideal solution, as proposed in a simple menu to follow. This menu consists of food and beverages low in calories.

Throughout the preparation of the meal substitutes, foods that contain lots of calories and fats should be rejected. The program includes substitutes food that should not have any negative effect on the body, to the extent that in accordance with the best possible balance.

For the scheme to work perfectly, it is preferable to follow for several days, and perhaps a few months to get to obtain satisfactory results.

These substitute have been designed to be very impartial in terms of nutrients guarantee strict regulation to which they are subjected to provide the body with minerals and vitamins needed, without risking the health of consumers.

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