Lose weight enjoy food

 enjoy foodNotwithstanding multiple attempts by some nutritionists for creation us swallow kilos of cooked beets, there is an alternative path.

That way we will make easy much easier, since the willingness to continue, will be much greater than if we walk roughly with a cooked chicken breasts.

In short, it is vary the quantities of food, increasing the number of them throughout the day, approximately every two hours.

What we get from time to time eating and often is that our body does not have to start every 5 or 6 hours, but always active, using fat as fuel.

In addition, we will give you extra help if the amounts of those foods are light, to give you an idea, the size should not be larger than what you fits in the palm of the hand.

Just eat food about eight times a day, for many it is somewhat exaggerated and for others, simply impossible.

But when it comes to meals, not just talking about solid foods, but also liquid, ie, the architectonics shakes carbohydrates or proteins , are of great help in these cases.

Consequently, the division of food could be as follows: five solid meals and three liquid.

Thus, the type of foods you should eat includes all food, and I mean everyone, including fats, which are also necessary.

Needless to say, the more we approach the pure protein, ie meat , fish and carbohydrates such as vegetables, and turn away from fats and dairy before achieve our goal.

In any case, it is a noninvasive method, which also due to itsĀ  may lengthen the time even take it as a way of life.

Ultimately, we must consider not perform extreme diets consisting of only four or five eat food because well, just get to suffer food shortages.

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