Lose weight eating pasta

eating pastaThe news will brighten your day more than one: for nutritionists, pasta is not fattening Therefore it is ineffective blaming, if after a working day, we sat at the table to enjoy a good dish.

In fact, pasta is low in fat and contains few calories finally, and therefore has its place on a restricted diet. Additionally, these starches are cheap.

Reasons to follow the regimen

The index of pasta is low, between 40 and 50 therefore are digested slowly without increasing the rate of insulin, the hormone appetite: hungry hunger for quite a while and lets avoid snacking between meals.

A pasta dish provides about 180 calories, and less than one gram of fat. The pasta is eaten at breakfast can provide the energy needed by the vitamin B contained in wheat. But consumed at noon, promote sleep. Two more reason to not suppress feeding.

Some Tips

There should be between 100 and 150 g of boiled pasta for a normal portion. As are rich in protein , it is useless to accompany meat or fish, or perhaps in small amounts. You can add some grated cheese or parmesan, it with 200 g of vegetables.

Better cook as the body assimilate more slowly and digestion is given the Italians say, in this way. Better to choose between wheat pasta, since it contains twice more fiber than regular pasta, and covers 20% of daily needs. However, avoid egg pasta, which has more calories.

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