Lose weight and keep the line in summer

Lose weight dietWith the arrival of summer temptations are huge, and it’s hard to resist all of them, when rest and relaxation is fundamental.’s Wait to let go are large, and fully enjoy, including during meals . But after the vacation time, the results can be disastrous. Better establish an eating pace, while still enjoying the holidays, and its culinary delights.

Choose a little of each dish on the buffet, eating a hot dog on the beach, go with the temptation of ice cream, peck before meals …

It is logical that these reflections end up ruining our figure. But, of course, on vacation how not to succumb to these pleasures.

Just pay a little attention and remember to eat, enjoy, does not mean going hungry. Started by quantities. At the buffet, choose a smaller plate, not a dinner plate. In a restaurant does not come back to repeat, because in the buffet either. For the appetizer, you help yourselves in a small dish so that you go to peck, to control the amount you eat. With this we are already taking the first step.

Of course, you can eat ice cream, but not at every meal, every day of the holiday. The idea is to compensate. Devour an iced f at noon, then do not eat dessert after lunch. Better to skip dessert noon providing ice cream snack.

It is best to choose a sorbet than ice cream, since it has less cream.’s sugars remain, and this pleasure is not to be savored more than three times a week.

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