How to eliminate weight starting the 50 years following

lose weightMost of the increase in weight after age 50-generated is due to a decline in healthy habits of diet and exercise. Happily, these routine can be upturned, and you can resolve how to remove weight, regardless of your age.

Below some tips to achieve this.

First Council

Get at least half an hour of daily physical activity. Any activity is better than none, especially as we age. Choose an activity that you like and that have physical intensity, such as walking, cycling or even gardening. People who leads a sedentary life not only gain weight as they age, besides has an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Second Council

Consumes fruits fresh, vegetable, products of whole grains and lean meats like chicken without the skin. Removes your home very processed foods high in sugar and fat. Food with little or no nutritional value accumulates in the form of fat in your body. Conversely, foods rich in fiber with high content of nutrients make slow the digestive procedure, stop you from emotion hungry and boost your metabolic rate. Foods rich in nutrients also help reduce the risk of diseases of the strength, cancer, and diabetes.

Third Council

Eat several small meals during the day instead of 3 big meals. As we age, our digestion slows down a little, and eat several small meals help to overcome this problem. Also, eat multiple times a day keeps your balanced blood sugar level so that you are not done with hunger due to a drop of sugar. It controls the size of the portions, many people consume up to 50% more than the recommended daily caloric intake. Read the labels and never commas directly bag or box because it is very easy to keep eating.

Fourth Council

Do weight training exercises or resistance for half an hour at least 3 days a week. The strengthening of muscles keeps your metabolism high, what helps you to eliminate weight. The increase of muscle mass by strength training also helps improve balance, and help to reduce the decline in fillet power. As with aerobic exercise, any power training is improved that nothing, so find activities that suit your lifestyle, such as adding weight to your hands or ankles while walking.

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