Gloomy fatness

 fatnessThe morbidly obese people who suffer far from obese, go to the next level and have a great excess fat in your body. Surely morbid obesity causes a number of additional problems that can lead to big trouble for people who suffer, not only in the field of health, but also in everything related to their quality of life, and to However, the social exclusion that may come to be suffering, for a type of society that idealizes slender bodies increasingly, while obesity statistics continue to grow.

Researchers at Espases University Hospital of Palma de Mallorca has been testing a new therapy to treat morbid obesity, is called Tramontana and so it seems to be in the first case has had remarkable success, and you can dial in a generic positive dynamics and a starting point to try to treat morbid obesity without going through surgery, which is so far the most common way to treat morbid obesity.

morbid obesity is excess body fat Thus, this program is based on education and follow-up: group sessions are to educate healthier life styles, better diets and start in the sport. In addition, monitoring every three months if house specialists have also let some updated profiles and current.

The results are quite encouraging for the moment, a large number of morbidly obese almost succeeded in reducing its weight by 10%, and 5% augmentar muscle mass, not to mention improving their social and psychic conditions, thus bypassing surgery. The figure perhaps is most striking is that 40% of patients failed to be among the features of morbid obesity, which made operating room intervention was not necessary.

The experience, which began in November 2009 ended this November, to which the first reports will be available shortly.

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