Food to burn fat and gain muscle

dietThere are many people for whom gain muscle and burn fat in a quick but appropriate issues are very important but it look almost like a utopia, an achievement that may never come

For from Point Fape assure you that it is possible, through effort, starting with the basics: good nutrition.

It is important to note that every metabolism is unique, so each meal quantities depend on the needs of the body of everyone.

That said we can start with what will be our breakfast. The same shall be composed of:

1 cup rolled oats: provide energy rich carbohydrates

banana: fructose to contain potassium and aid the formation of glycogen in the liver and muscles, thereby minimizing degradation in the muscular body

6 egg whites and 2 whole eggs: they provide protein digestion steps

With this breakfast we consume about 525 calories, 59 gr. carbohydrate, 38 gr. of protein and only 15 gr. Fat.

If you want to gain mass you must add a pint of skimmed milk flakes, which sumas24 gr. carbohydrate, 16 gr. protein and 4 gr. overweight.

If you want to define it must remove 2 yolks to keep low calories and avoid fat. You can also substitute the banana for a cup of strawberries, so this resolve get rid of 50 calories.

Lunch should consist of:

280 gr. beef: there’s nothing like the meat to gain muscle mass

3 cups broccoli: their properties help control oil

2 cups pasta Provides carbohydrates needed for energy

To gain mass meat should not be extra lean but only lean . Burning glycogen and protein saves by excess fat and calories.

If you just want to define you should avoid eating carbohydrates lunch: eat only 1 cup of pasta but double the serving of broccoli.

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