Flash base protein diet

diet tipsIt is a new mode that includes calls within protein-based diets, so fashionable today, despite its creator says it brings the amount of protein that advises WHO, its main feature reducing sugars .

Flash based protein diet According to Jimenez Ucero, the world’s population by the excess fat you consume carbohydrates and leads to suffering obesity and overweight, quite daunting.

However, half of the population fighting kilos more with the ultimate goal of staying healthy and as a result be thin.

Following the worldwide success of the so-called Dukan diet, a type of protein diet regime Flash comes now, determining the exact amount of protein a person should consume to protect your muscle mass.

The main key of this protein diet are explained in a book titled The Flash Diet, a proposal that promises to those who are overweight lose weight quickly and efficiently.

The method is based on drastically reducing the consumption of carbohydrates, which is what really generate overweight. In this method the body get the whole thing it needs and does not need anything extra because the protein preparations enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids all essential elements that are taken in the early stages of the diet.

According to its creator who made this diet not feel hungry after having passed the first three days of the regime, as these are the most difficult because you must change the type of nutrition that until now had been doing, besides enjoying a pleasant sensation welfare and with the addition that your muscle mass will be kept intact.

This diet is progressive and begins with a strict step lasts fifteen days is based on the intake of natural vegetable protein , which provides the body proteins, carbohydrates and fats, in this stage is to remove more than fifty percent of overweight.

A second stage is based on a nutritional rehabilitation with the advantage that it is losing weight and gradually add other foods as a way to keep the weight achieved so far, one of the major points of the diet that will make or unsuccessful.

Flash, a diet based on proteins that seeks to find the balance once it has lost the desired weight, with a final stage of maintenance.

This is an extensive diet if you consider that is designed to last a lifetime, but once installed the new eating habits the weight will keep without sacrifice.

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