Fight Abdominal Fat

Bally fatA fresh U.S. study, one hundred patients tested, based on a preparation of hormones and for six months have shown that fat abdominal disappeared in most cases.

It is true that as we age, our rate of enlargement hormones decreases. From age 30, the low secretion considerably.

The same applies to the sex hormones, which are significantly poorer. With tropopause, testosterone is produced in smaller amounts. Leading to the disappearance of sexual desire.

This decline in hormone production is accompany by an increase in abdominal subcutaneous and visceral fat, which is produced by so annoying love handles in men.

People who were subjected to the study mentioned at the beginning, they were given a medicine ready from testosterone. Men who followed this treatment, aged between 65 and 88 years and six months, saw abdominal fat be dispelled.

The results showed that men had lost 4% of their waist . But who best performers were men who took testosterone and prepared with growth hormones.

The successes based on this study conduct at the National Institute on Aging study of Maryland, suggested that it was good to regularly take growth hormone and testosterone to fight the flab.

Anabolic and slimming qualities of growth hormone are well known: augmented muscle mass and bone density but too much can be risky, since it could lead to diabetes, and hypertrophy of the hands, feet and. brain case.

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