Exercises to keep in shape

keep in shapeThe origin of exercises dates back to 1811. Swedish Per Henrik Ling, tuned a method to effectively teach gymnastics. Professor of physical education, update this method with the help of some friends therapist to offer a much more playful side.

Here you do not play, nor is there a retaining impossible choreography or movements that repeat a hundred times. Courses are made with joy, good humor, and in harmony.

Monitors promote the playful side more than the results. Each session lasts an hour and is organized in concentric circles around the coach.

Participants should alternate cardie sequences, muscular reinforcement, stretching and flexibility, on a background of music, to finish with a time of relaxation. All the body works, from shoulders to calves, muscular chain through the back and abdominal. No repetition is what prevails, but the feeling of movement .

Whatever the age and physical condition, the movements are simple and accessible. Different intensities allow each participant to find the course that best suits your needs. Seniors may sign up for an adapted version especially for them.

As for families, they can also participate, so much so that parents overworked, but concerned about maintaining the form, and their children, also have their specific courses. Result: After a month at the rate of two weekly sessions, gain in tone, endurance, and speed.

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