Drinking water helps to lose weight

lose weightHas always said that the water helps eliminate weight and already have analyzed why originated this link. However, so far not had proven scientifically this Association, but a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that was shown for the first time that drinking water helps you lose weight.

After analyzing all the existing scientific evidence about the association between the intake of water and thinning, today we can confirm that when a diet is doing, drinking water encourages and accelerates weight loss.

Thus, when a group of people increased in 1 litre per day the amount of ingested water, they lost between 2 and 3 kg more than the control group maintained their intake of water without changes.

Concluding, if diet is being done to eliminate weight water may not by itself cause weight loss, but if you already have in weight loss plan and take care of your diet, increase intake of water even slightly can promote outcomes.

According to scientists, drinking water helps the feeling physics have been filled, therefore, eliminate weight when it helps increase although it is a little, its consumption.

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