Do you serve weighed when we lose weight?

weight lossOne of these got on the scale and we charged a higher weight we used to have. Our face shows wonder and anxiety takes over and before we get off the balance first thought is I have to lose weight.

The first thing we do is to chalk up a gym and go on a diet, feeling guilty of everything that we did before to keep in shape. As time passes, we repeatedly see looking weigh in the balance the weight.

This anxiety to lose weight and weigh ourselves addictive behavior is largely a problem that is not taken with importance and that this imposed on society. Socially parameters are set as we weigh, measure and even see us.

But nobody’s going to think that our body changes and changes according to the type of life we lead.’s Continually weigh ourselves or take it as an important factor can cause us headaches when trying to lose weight.

We will see an example of how often weigh us can be a drawback.

Gabriela weighed 45 kilos and then 2 years to weigh weighing 50 kilos discovered, is shocked and decides to lose weight. Is noted in the gym and after a few weeks she weighs 48 kilos noticed a change in the body but the scale does not show much change. Gabriela wants to 45 kilos before and finds it difficult.

In this case it happens that the body underwent a change and because the increased muscle tone of Gabriela and lowered adipose tissue weight which varies as above but is not significant in the balance.

The fat or fat is lighter than muscle tissue, so fat can accumulate enough to match what you would weigh if you were just muscle mass.

Gabriela lose weight, decreased fat, but also increased their muscle mass and increase muscle tone this is reflected in the balance. This is one reason why it may continue to weigh 48 kilos Gabriela and more defined look in the mirror but convinces the balance.

It is very likely that your weight to vary much as your body changes until the fat disappears and muscle tone will increase.

The weighed may be a control option but should not be taken as a unique and essential parameter. Often the record weight and see that varies very little leads to stop training up feeling disappointed by the scale, we say so much effort and still the same.

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