Diets and hormones

Diets Extra weight and obesity are problems that affect people of both sexes and of all ages worldwide. This problem has been intensify by a kind of sedentary life and the appearance of fast food outlets that offer calorie dishes that contribute to worsen the picture.

The urgent need to reduce the figures of overweight and obesity also bring with various health problems, medicine has made designing new ways to lose weight. Including a recent exterior is hormone-based diet.

This diet promise to eliminate the extra kilos in a ultimate way and not recover again, amazing that looks perfect but has raised questions in many researchers devoted themselves to expand on the subject.

For some time talking about this diet based on hormones (HCG) whose main feature is that its operation is based on a hormone action and relegates food over utilization of calories. Being one of the compensation over other diets is that what is lost is not recovered kilos more.

Thus, some experts speak on the subject. It is the case of Dr. Simeons says that HCG is a hormone that just makes its manifestation in women when they are pregnant. Its function is to help capture the nutrients are in the fat deposits and which nourishes the fetus.

This happens with expectant women, but Dr. Simeons states that when this same hormone is administer to men and non-pregnant women, the results are weight loss without rebound effect without any complication.

Given this theory has caused conflicting opinions in the field of medicine, and some studies influence facts were published in the Western Journal of Medicine.

These investigation completed that the hormone HCG does not own any real relationship with weight loss in non-pregnant women or men. Affirming further that not even hopeful results were seen in persons who performed 500 calorie diets.

Tests were made by taking two groups one of the groups was subjected to hormonal conduct with HCG and the other placebo. After behavior both groups fell exactly the same amount of kilos.

The health professional have thus given a warning about this practice as well as in the detailed event that a diet to lose weight based on very few calories is not healthy as it is sure that they are leaving to ingest adequate amount and necessary nutrients the body needs, touching thereby bone and muscle mass.


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