Diet to lose no health

Diet  for slimNowadays getting a good shape is a daily concern. That is why women and men go to many diets or diet regimes do not forever give good results and even more when the pleasure of eating is completely controlled.

That is why in this paper we will discuss how to replace those preventive diets that threaten the health of people in exchange for diets that allow you to enjoy meals.

We are referring to the non-diet coined by Argentina nutritionist Monica Katz, who believes that pleasure is only legalizing possible to lose weight without losing health. The specialist noted the importance of avoiding disorderly behavior in food and to regain control over food.

This basically have to put the food in the usual place, ie, in the place of nutrition and pleasure. It is also important to change shaft and not on weight loss and hunger in the record: I eat if hungry.

It is also important to allow the enjoyment of food, beyond our need to lose weight. Therefore, non-stop enjoyment is essential to control what is bought. If I like, so if I buy only a portion of what I like, I can eat it every day, managing the chaos, says Katz. Finally advises those who want to lose a few kilos follow some very simple rules:

Make four meals at flexible times.

The main course must include a consistent portion of meat and more vegetables other flour pasta, rice, cake or pizza with vegetables.

Is recommended to consume a single food dish and a dessert per meal.

Physical activity is essential to complete our plan of non-diet.

Anyway, the key is to enjoy and not sacrifice, food control and not let it control us, and learning to eat only when hungry.

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