Burn additional Calories

Burn CaloriesThink burn some extra calories is for all time an idea that round each person who wants to lose weight.

I’ll leave some recommendation so that we can slightly increase our daily caloric intake and avoid extra calories that we consume.

* Drink cold water, the body by ingesting a liquid cold burn a few calories to heat the ingested fluid.

* Use the stairs instead of the elevator or if many homes get off one or two floors above.

* Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Sleeping burns calories, by the fact that our body despite being idle activity that our body generates a low caloric intake and helps to be more vital.

* Playing with children, engaging in the game it helps to maintain a bond with our children and burn extra calories

* Go for a walk looking windows or chatting, q not think it’s getting exercise, but walking relaxed.

* You take a Spot-me, chewing food thoroughly. This will help prevent over eating eat fewer calories.

Here are a few tips to get a little better every day.

* Generate a habit of 6 meals a day: breakfast, mid morning, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. By eating slowly consume fewer calories and our digestive system we still active and not feel hungry and some we use more calories to digest food.

* Ten sex. To enhance the relationship with the partner is good to increase foreplay lengthen this time of the Act and burn a few extra calories in a very nice way.

* Perform intellectual activities, focusing on one topic calories consumed.

* Take the dog for a walk, we can walk with our pets.

* Talk to friends, speech is an activity that requires a lot of energy and with gestures using the body a significant caloric intake is achieved.

* Wash the car yourself, neglects the car wash. And will save a few euros more will burn extra calories.

* Chew gum, avoid extra calories you consume and will burn a few by the act of chewing.

Here are some tips that each separately no big deal but if you are adding each get to see a noticeable difference


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