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lose weightAnd we have reached the end of June and are increasingly close holidays. Therefore Fape o’clock we place special emphasis on all that is fashion and trend for the warm season, not forgetting of course the other issues such as health, literature and sports that are part of the information that each week we provide in the blog.

Then started recommending the article on the proposed new Nike has brought Florence. It is a remake of their larger models and this time the firm has presented a completely revamped campaign mythical Grand Slam Polo Nike Sportswear .

Posted pique fabric presents new vents inside the neck and top eyelets to give rise to a very cool and sports garment.

We all gained a few kilos over the winter, it is time to remove it off and nothing better to lose weight to change eating habits and increase physical activity. These and other weight loss tips that approached us Fausto sure will be welcomed by all those who want to be in shape for the summer.

Nothing better to supplement a diet to lose weight to start the morning with a good breakfast that will give us the energy to face the day. Remembering that the calories are acquired at breakfast will be lost as the day wore on. Therefore, and for even more Energy A blueberry smoothie also be beneficial to boost the immune system. A simple and healthy recipe that you can prepare daily.

And for those looking for an activity that can develop in water that is also beneficial to health, water aerobics is perfect for circulation and for those who suffer from muscle or joint pain. It is a type of gentle and relaxing exercise also firms the skin.

People who play sports are exposed to injury. However, most of them are overuse injuries and can often leave serious sequel hurting the life of the athlete.

At present, more and more people choose to be in good shape and have a better shape, hence the increasing number of both men and women who play sports or attend the gym and follow different exercise routines. Therefore, for those who are interested to know more about the most common injuries in sports this article can be interesting.

And this week we visited destinations some of the most important museums of Paris , a city that is synonymous with art, culture and history. Walk with us these beautiful places and have it as an option next weekend getaway.

Many men want to remove body hair , but without knowing exactly the most appropriate method. Fausto has prepared an article detailing the most common methods of hair removal that until a short time ago was an all-female world and now is also of great interest to men who want to look better and better.

For those who wear glasses, we have prepared an interesting article about the dangers of using glasses without the proper graduation. A very common problem today, when you can purchase glasses in different stores without making a prior review of the state of the eyes and their true requirements. Know the advantages of using glasses with a proper graduation.

Meanwhile Velez talks about sports psychology and reflections on physical and athletic performance in addition to deciding how to plan and adjusting goals for a new season looming in the very near future.

Florence brought the new Montblanc signature fragrance named Legend. It is a exquisite fragrance ideal for men who enjoy the best perfumes. Montblanc Legend is contained in a minimalist package with the name of the brand and perfume, and the inevitable Montblanc famous person. It additional that the container is black and has a silver detail near the top. A fragrance that blends bergamot, pineapple plant, lavender, exotic verbena, tonka bean, oakmoss and sandalwood.

Here we leave the abstract best Fape Point. Next week we’ll be back to tell you about the best content of the site.

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