Aqua fitness and abdominal

fitnessTo have a flat stomach and keep the figure, the work of the abdominal muscles is essential. Consider some simple tricks to have a well-defined abdominal and firm beautiful.

The abs are the muscles that draw the belly and waist, and work them well is very important to have a flat belly. Draw the abdominal is essential to complete a system, for example, and to reaffirm the waist after a rapid weight loss . Indeed, a muscular belly, with firm abs, is much nicer than a belly thin, but soft.

If you are not sportsmen, the first trick to draw abs can be nice at first, resuming the walk, we can even wear a pedometer to wear calories. Movements of the legs when you walk quickly for at least 35 minutes asking the abdominal.

You must wear the right bust, walking quickly and if you can, move either arm to apply all the abdominal muscles and to reaffirm the silhouette in its entirety.

Another sport is aqua biking or aqua fitness bike. This new discipline is very close to water aerobics, and is part of the exercise bikes in pool. The bike is submerged and the water comes up to the waist, approximately.

This new sport is ideal if you have joint problems or if you have been tapped into some kind of surgery and you can not start over with the rower or stationary bike. The movements of the exercise bike are bearable for the joints under water, and your waist circumference is as requested as if practicals exercise on a stationary bike on the floor.

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