Abs and fitness

 fitnessThe importance of abdominal muscle development can not ignore, nor is it just a matter of aesthetics. With some abdominal developed managed to maintain body posture, relax the spine and low back pain. In any case, it is a sign of healthy lifestyle, and low rate of fat mass.

Therefore, to bring out the abs is necessary to begin by reducing body fat.

1. Power

Consumption of various protein-based meals to keep your metabolism high, but also providing the body with a number of elements needed for muscle development will help to avoid muscle breakdown.

Consumption reasonable and tailored carbohydrates with low hypoglycemic index: value reflecting the impact of a food on the rate of blood sugar (glucose) and therefore on insulin secretion when their assimilation by the body.

Consumption of unsaturated fats (olive oil, walnut oil, rapeseed oil, fish) and saturated animal (egg yolk, beef) fats in order to mitigate the reduction of carbohydrates and preserve all hormonal functions.

Continuous hydration during training , in order to compensate the loss of water and minerals related sweating.

2. cardio

This is your second ally care abs. Cardio should be possible to mobilize the fat from fat cells (cells of storage lipids), energy purposes, but also the development of resistance and capacity to use fats.

3. Strength of abdominal

Strengthening your abs will allow you to acquire more strength, power, and endurance, essential to everyday life, but above all to guarantee effectiveness in sport work as well as a matter of aesthetics.

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