Why men slim faster?

Slim tips manNormally, it is known that women tend to lose weight more slowly and less time after time because their hormones suffer intermittent changes and retain more fluid than men, so these tend to lose weight faster. Furthermore, weight loss on them depends much more on the emotional.

However, the faster you turn out to be thinner men should not only because they can not. According to a study by Ohio State University in the U.S. said they produce more enzymes in the digestive tract that helps them burn as much abdominal fat compared with women, which favors a greater loss of weight, physical movement and follow a diet.

Reasons to lose weight

Nutrition specialist and lead author of the study, explains that the main reason why men lose more weight faster than women is implicit in their genes, which contain more information about what to do with excess body fat . Also taking into account other factors:

1. Men have a faster metabolism for women, which is why they tend to lose weight faster.

2. They can more easily follow a diet because it costs them so much work to stop eating certain foods.

3. Competitiveness is essential for them to lose weight, so take it as a challenge, while women consider it almost a punishment or sacrifice.

4. They live less obsessed with their weight and accept your body better. They are more disciplined when care and do not cause much stress or social pressure, and women.

5. Man lose weight effectively because they have more muscle mass, which helps burn calories and body fat, encouraging greater muscle growth.

However, when it comes to maintaining your weight only 30% of the men retained one year after reaching their optimal weight, compared with 60% of women that if they do, researchers reveal.

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