Why lose weight much more than cardie

lose weightCardio exercises are a hotly debated topic lately. Are your detractors and those who worship him are. Our view is that regular aerobic exercise is very important for your health and your fallout. However it is not possible to live on only aerobic exercise as many claim.

The cardio has its place in any fitness program, but not alone. So your aerobic exercise should be part of a complete program without exemption also includes strength training and a healthy diet.

The key to losing fat and maintaining a healthy weight are strength exercises. The muscle you gain through this form of exercise is the driving force behind a metabolism in good condition. It is also a way for your body to burn more calories at rest.

The problem with strength movements is that men and women think that the results of doing so are large muscles and heavy like the ones you see in the bodybuilding magazines. Nothing is further from reality, there is no possible way to develop muscles so unless you have a good dose of steroids, many supplements and many, many hours in the gym every day.

So, to really speed up your metabolism and shed body fat once and for all there is no substitute for strength training weights, calisthenics , elastic bands, etc. It’s the kind of exercise that less is considered when starting a weight loss plan by the belief that muscle gain and will not help you lose weight. But that is not, and but read what follows.

Muscle burns fat. Not directly, but it does. The more muscle tissue you have (that does not mean you’ll look inmens have less fat. The reason for this is the muscle helps burn calories even hours after doing a dumbbell exercise. Who do dumbbells for weight loss have less fat than those who only do cardio to get it.

The muscle changes your body structure. Want a slim body, good posture and an athletic look? Then think of weight loss by incorporating a weight program. If you only do cardio or diet can make you look smaller encoded, but chances are that your body continues the same way, on a smaller scale. The best way to change this is through weight training. Doing so will strengthen, reaffirm, tone up and improve your muscles, and the overall appearance of your body.

The muscle improves your health in countless ways. Strength Exercise increases bone density, can help fight diabetes, strengthen the heart and to be free of the symptoms of arthritis. It also improves overall immune system.

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