Why do you Lose weight and abdominal fat?

abdominal fatThe intuitive Fat is limited to a small area in the muscles surrounding the abdominal organs, visceral fat is the main cause of protruding belly, many Italian chiamana the beer belly.

Visceral fat is also accountable for the so-called love handles that most women hate it, but lately even men detest and try in every way, most wrong to delete it.

Science has shown that having excessive visceral fat is even more harmful to the health of abdominal fat.

The presence of these two types of fat are the primary cause of diseases really dangerous to our health, increasing the chances of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, stroke, sleep apena, respiratory problems and some forms of cancer and even more lethal and a high likelihood of developing cancer cells.

The main reason for that has to push people to go on a diet, should be the health of your body, there are many dangers silent that create serious damage in our bodies, is a silent killer.

A recent scientific investigate has shown that despite the excess fat is the cause of many diseases for the human body, belly fat has proved even more dangerous, as it is called subcutaneous fat is localized under the skin just above the abdominal and as a result hides them, that’s why, if you have a little capacitance and compress your abs can not see them, but when you relax your belly, your abs are not visible because of abdominal fat.

Unfortunately the bad news, I’m not finished yet, in fact there is another type of fat very dangerous for your health, it is called visceral fat.

In a recent search, Italy was the population with a large increase of overweight people in the last year there was an increase of 3.5%, and these figures are expected to increase up to 7% by 2015

You should know that more than 51% of the Italian population, more than half are overweight, you will think that there is nothing wrong with a bit of fat on your stomach, if a person is happy being fat there is no reason to lose weight right ?

Ok, let’s say you’re right, if people are not vain, there is no reason to sacrifice and continue to gain weight by eating all the foods I favor the increase in abdominal fat.

Are you sure you have not forgotten anything, and the real reason, which should force every person to go on a diet?

To put the record straight, you right away forget that there are no Miraculous product, such as pills, supplements and all the misleading products you see on TV, miraculously able to eliminate abdominal fat and visceral fat, Point! If you want to spend and throw away money if free to try, of misleading products that are millions of them, you’ll see that you’ll enjoy wasting your money and your health, of course I forbid you to do so, for your sake of your body, and your health .

The only way to lose abdominal fat is to follow a healthy and nutritious diet, I do not mean eating only fruits and vegetables, as most nutritionists want you to believe, you’re not a herbivore, your body needs protein , minerals, vitamins, which are not found in all vegetables and fruits, but you have to eat foods that kill fat , eliminate foods that I favor the increased fat.

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